• What Can You Actually Do With An Arts Degree?

    What Can You Actually Do With An Arts Degree?

    In many universities, there’s a lot of ribbing and rivalry between faculties. The more science and engineering oriented departments often make jokes about “basket weaving 101” at the expense of the arts faculty and the jokes make light of the […]

  • The Arts Are About Enrichment

    The Arts Are About Enrichment

    In the 21st century, the studies that push society forward are referred to in America as “STEM” disciplines, that is, science, technology, engineering and math. Modern cultures are more reliant than ever on advanced technologies, so it’s only natural that […]

  • An Art Degree Isn’t All About A Paintbrush Anymore

    Taking an Art Degree Online – It’s Not All About The Paintbrush

    When we think of a degree in art, we often think about enhancing our vision of creative freedom. Art no longer simply coincides with picking up a brush and spending hours on a piece that will hang in a gallery […]


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