How Does Online Cosmetology School Work?

Going to school online is a popular option these days, as it is the one way that busy professionals can fit school into their already packed schedules. If you have to work full time to maintain your life, but you want to better that life, getting to a physical school for all of your classes isn’t really an option. Online cosmetology school provides just the convenient option you need to get your cosmetology license while juggling an already packed day, and online cosmetology school may be just what you need to get your life as a professional cosmetologist started!

Online cosmetology school works a little bit differently than other online school options. For instance, cosmetology does still require some hands-on practice to achieve licensure, but there are other types of classes that don’t require hands-on work. The NACAAS, an accrediting body for cosmetology schools, allows up to 50% of the cosmetology curriculum to be completed online, and this is 50% less classes you’ll need to appear in in person.

Cosmetology programs involve quite a bit of theory and book learning on top of hands on experience, and it’s these courses that you’ll be able to undertake online. Things such as color mixing sciences, sanitation practices, and business skills are classes you can take online and in your own time, freeing up some of your schedule so you can still manage working full time while furthering your career.

Continuing education courses are also important for cosmetologists, and these continued education programs can be simply found online. Here on our website, you can find the continued education in cosmetology courses you need to increase your value and stay up to date on all the latest trends and techniques, so you can still work while completing your continued education easily. Whether you’re in a salon, or managing your own, continuing your education is always possible with online options.

The cosmetology field is one that is recession proof, always booming, and just plain fun, so it’s no wonder why this may be a top pick for many looking to progress professionally. With online cosmetology school, you can take up to half of your classes online in order to more conveniently pursue your licensure, and you can work going back to school into any already busy schedule!


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