Nursing Becomes YouDo you know what the fastest growing occupation in the United States is today? It’s nursing. As the population grows and ages, the demand for quality health care professionals grows with them. The need for nurses means that if you get your degree in nursing, you’ll never lack for a job.

There are many different specializations when it comes to nursing. Much depends on who you are as a person; if you have a place in your heart for older adults, you might try geriatrics. If babies are your passion, you might try pediatrics. You can work in a hospital setting, a doctor’s office, even in home health care. Getting a nursing degree means you can choose the place where you feel that you can be of the most assistance.


Most health care employers offer substantial and well-rounded benefit packages, including life, and health, but can also include paid sick time, vacation time, personal leave, and disability packages (long and short term). Many facilities offer tuition reimbursement for those who are already working and want to improve their education, such as an LPN who wants to move up to become an RN.


As previously mentioned, the places and settings where a nurse can work are plentiful. But you can also make a change from one specialization to another if you feel that you are better suited elsewhere. Nursing can also provide a flexible schedule that fits in with family time such as an overnight shift, mornings, or evenings. Plus, part-time nurses often receive benefit packages that most professions only offer to full-time employees.


Nurses have the opportunity each and every day to make life better for the people they see. More than just help with the physical, nurses can help people with the emotional and mental aspects that come with those in distress. They can ease the burden of a parent who is dealing with a child who has special needs and provide comfort for the family of a patient who is in hospice. Nurses can often empower their patients and make them feel like they can control something even in the face of trial.


Many nurses find a high sense of appreciation for the little things in life, especially health. They understand and witness firsthand that life is precious and can change in a moment. They learn to live and to live well. They find compassion, love, and hope in the darkest places and they share those findings with others.

At the end of the day, nursing is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. If you think you have what it takes to become a nurse, there are many online nursing schools to choose from that can give you that chance. Work from home in your spare time to improve your life and the lives of others. Take pride in making a decision that can change the world.


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