The Psychology Of The Job When people hear the word psychology, they often think of a doctor in a leather chair, holding a clipboard and extracting thoughts from a harried person lying on a couch. This imagined picture is much funnier than what most psychologists really do, but sometimes it can be even further from reality as you can get.


A degree in psychology opens the door to many possible career options. True, a Bachelor’s degree can be the start of the training and licensing that one needs to become a doctor of psychology, but not everyone goes that far. Some of the top careers that employ people with a psychology degree include:

  • Counseling
  • Community service management
  • Genetic counselor
  • Human resources
  • Business administration
  • Training and development
  • Arbitrator
  • Probation or corrections officer
  • Social worker
  • Student affairs
  • Content marketing

And you thought that it was just about becoming Sigmund Freud.

Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology teaches you many things that employers hunger for, like organizational skills, how to do proper research, writing skills, and critical thinking. Holding a degree shows employers that you are dedicated, a hard worker, and strive to become something better in the world.


When you obtain a degree online, you’ll put these skills to the test. You’ll learn how to organize your schedule to complete assignments and turn in projects on time. You’ll learn the proper methods of research and how to find the answer when it seems that it doesn’t want to be found. Instead of taking everything at face value, you’ll learn how to dig in deeper to find the truth before making a shallow judgement. And when it comes to writing skills, you can’t even imagine how good of a writer you will become. The fact that all of your schoolwork and transmissions rely on your writing skills will help you to craft an excellent resume to ensure that you get the job you want.

Pursue your psychology degree today; you never know where it will take you.


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